Flight Instruction

Our instructor has almost 1,400 flight hours giving instruction to pilots seeking Private, Commercial and even Airline Transport Pilot certificates. You will receive top quality instruction in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We provide private pilot and commercial pilot flight instruction. FAA requirements for each are 10 and 35 flight hours, respectively. Additional time will be needed to study the training material and to prepare for the FAA written, oral, and practical tests.

Our rates for flight instruction are as follows:

Ground Instruction: $30/hour
Flight Instruction (in your balloon): $100/flight
Flight Instruction (in our balloon): $250/flight (dry*)
Solo/Rental** (in our balloon): $200/flight (dry*)

*Our rental rates are dry (without fuel). The renter is responsible for refueling costs after the flight.

**Renter is responsible for acquiring their own insurance policy for the balloon, or paying any additional costs to be added as a named insured on our policy.